Omega 3-6 Balance Score for foods compress data on eleven different EFA into a single score for each food item. Foods with more positive scores give a higher omega-3 balance for your health risk assessment biomarker, and more negative scores give a higher omega-6 balance for your body. You can find Omega 3 minus 6 Scores while shopping, planning meals or talking about foods with friends. Scores for different types of food are listed below.Scores nix6  eat3

A negative shift occurs in the omega 3-6 balance score when a food item has been prepared/processed with various food oils. For example potatoes, cabbages and onions have scores near 0, but potato salad (-21), coleslaw (-26) and fried onion rings (-9) have scores more negative than the average USA diet. Also, steamed shrimp (+4) differ from breaded, fried shrimp (-22) from a restaurant. Wheat flour (-1) is the major item processed into wheat bran muffins (-13) and blueberry muffins (-18).

To NIX6 and EAT3, scan the lists below to see how “real” foods and prepared/processed foods differ.

Click links below to see Scores in PDFs for these food groups.

Cereals, grains & pasta
Breakfast cereals
Baked products
Fruits & juices
Dairy & egg
Poultry Products
Pork Products
Beef Products
Sausage & LunchMeats
Fish & Seafood
Nuts & Seed Products
Fats & Oils
Soups, Sauces&Gravies
Fast Foods
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