HUFA Balance from Ethnic Food Habits

HUFA Nix6 Eat3HUFA Balance comes from voluntary food choices that people make. Different ethnic foods have different balance of omega-6 and omega-3 EFA nutrients.  This gives a different balance of omega-3 in tissue HUFA (ranging from 20% to 75% in the Figure). They are measured in a simple finger-tip blood-spot test.

“Western” and “Mediterranean” diets give a higher balance of omega-6 in HUFA than modern or traditional Japanese diets. The similar omega-3 and omega-6 compete with each other for storage in tissue membranes. The omega-6 arachidonate (AA) is dominant in tissues of Americans.  It is lowered by eating foods that cause higher amounts of omega-3 DHA, DPA and EPA in tissues.

The percent of omega-6 may range from 25% to 85% of HUFA. It relates to many health disorders and is a useful health risk assessment measurement.