Four light-hearted wellness videos for the family to learn Nix6 and Eat3.

  • NIX the 6 –  A 2:02 video on omega-6 and inflammation.
  • Simple Health Plan –  A 1:50 video on Omega 3-6 Balance.
  • Sardine Man –  A 1:39 video about parents and kids eating sardines.
  • Sardines! – A 3:01 video celebrating the Sardine Club .

Wellness videos WV nix6 eat3WV Wellness Project  – Morgan County Schools staff tell how informed food choices might reduce healthcare claim costs. It may save West Virginia taxpayers over $100 million dollars every year. The 2-month project was done in 2011. (4:29 min. video).

wellness videos nix6 eat3 Balancing Omega Impacts  – The Department of Defense plans for a better HUFA balance for the troops. This short video reviews scientific evidence for a narrow therapeutic window for omega-6 nutrients that is widened by omega-3 nutrients.  (4:54-min. video).

waterhandsA set of comments by nutrition experts (15:48 min) on the benefits of eating foods to NIX the 6 and EAT the 3 and have a better HUFA balance.


 A  nutrition coach (16:17 min) tells how helping employees NIX the 6 and EAT the 3 can lower an employer’s health-related financial losses.



wellness videos nix6 eat3

Nutritional Armor
– The role of EFA nutrition and HUFA balance on war-fighter resilience was discussed by Bill Lands during a 2009 Dept. of Defense  two-day conference at the Nat. Inst. Health.
Part 1(10:22min)Part 2(10:32min)Part 3(10:28min) – Part 4(10:26min)

updated December, 2017