Omega 3-6 Apps use Balance Scores to NIX the 6 and EAT the 3

rainbowOmega 3-6 Balance Scores give the positive or negative impact that a food item will make on your health risk assessment biomarker, which is the % omega-6 in HUFA that can be measured by a simple blood test. The Omega 3-6 Balance Scores were designed in 2012. They are used in the apps to make  food choices easy when you make Recipe Repairs.

1. Balance Scores are on-line
Rapid access for smart phones or computers is at your fingertips at  The scores can guide your personal food choices when you are shopping, planning meals or discussing foods with friends. The downloadable forms noted below let you see omega balance data even when you are out of range of the internet.

2. Simple searchable pdf files
The NIX6 or EAT3 file each lists hundreds of food items to either avoid or prefer. These pdf files can be accessed and scrolled on-line or downloaded as an Adobe pdf file to use off-line.  Open the file and select the search function at the top and enter text to search for any food of interest. A very large file, FullSet2012, has Omega 3-6 Balance Scores for over 5,000 specific food items.

3. Omega Meals
The OmegaMeals program has two formats: a downloadable Windows or Mac application for use off-line, and a new online version at A 9-minute video describes the new web version in detail. Omega Meals helps you combine foods that fit your personal tastes into recipes or daily menu plans, and it shows overall intakes of calories and n-3 and n-6 nutrients to let you know if it fits your health risk assessment goals. Examples of daily menu plans show how revised/repaired choices can give desired average calorie-weighted scores and estimated health risk assessment values.

updated May, 2020