Omega Meals Apps and Tools

Voluntary food choices create the balance in body HUFA. HUFA balance values range from 25% to 85% omega-6 in HUFA. Those values link directly to the Omega 3-6 Balance Scores of foods eaten. The Omega 3-6 Balance Scores were developed in 2012 to help people make informed food choices. Make your own RECIPE REPAIRS using ideas and apps noted below.

Apps with Omega 3-6 Balance Scores – Apps help you find foods with more positive Scores that will increase the omega-3 in your tissue HUFA . When you know the Score, it helps you eat less food with a big negative Score that increases the omega-6 in HUFA.   NEW, Online App – Omega Meals is an interactive personal meal planning app upgraded from earlier KIM-2 software.  It uses Omega 3-6 Balance Scores to show a food combination’s overall impact, and it manages EFA contents of over 9,000 food servings, fitting them to each person’s taste, lifestyle and risk aversion.

Finger-tip blood-spot test – This health risk assessment biomarker tells your current balance of HUFA and informs .you how much change you need to make to meet your personal wellness goals.

Plan to eat 20 different foods every day. They will give a good mix of needed minerals and vitamins. Lots of vegetables have Omega 3-6 Balance Scores near zero.  Remember to NIX6 while you EAT3. Look at the EAT3 and NIX6 files to see Scores you need to know.

Diet Balance –> Tissue Balance Calculator  – A convenient calculator uses intake of four types of omega fat to estimate the balance among tissue HUFA. 1-18-carbon omega-3 PUFA; 2-18-carbon omega-6 PUFA; 3-20-and 22-carbon omega-3 HUFA; 4-20-and 22-carbon omega-6 HUFA.The estimates help you plan foods that make a change in HUFA balance to give desired wellness outcome.
Omega Foods Apps plus Tools

Updated February, 2021