Macintosh Omega Balance

Omega Meals helps you sort, identify and combine foods into daily menu plans and recipe plans. Personalized plans can fit your tastes and give a desired health risk assessment value for your tissue HUFA balance. Omega Meals estimates these outcomes using a published empirical diet-tissue relationship. The software program includes short videos with advice for inputs by a New Person or a KnownPerson already in the database. Making, repairing and exchanging recipes can also be done with the application.

To find your Mac OS Version, choose About this Mac from the Apple menu in the upper left of your screen.

Download Omega Meals for Mac OS 10.12 to 10.14

Download Omega Meals for Mac OS 10.10 to 10.11

Download the installer, then Run the installer. The installation program makes an Omega Meals folder in Applications. After installing, open the Omega Meals folder and double-click the Omega Meals app icon to start the program. This will place an icon in your Dock (bottom of screen). Hold your mouse button down on the icon, then choose Keep in Dock from the Options menu.

Foods with positive Scores raise the % omega-3 in HUFA, and those with negative Scores raise the % omega-6 in HUFA. An on-line database is available to help you find Scores for foods. The scores help you rapidly identify the positive or negative impact that a food item will make on your health risk assessment biomarker.

updated May, 2019