In the 1950s, the U.S. Public Health Service began building a Health Belief Model
to examine and understand why good health knowledge was not being followed.

KNOWLEDGE is not enough to control personal health belief.
People ACT on what they PERCEIVE and BELIEVE and FEEL.

Perceptions affect belief and feeling about RISK. (new information alters perceptions)
1.- Perceived SERIOUSNESS of harm happening
2.- Perceived LIKELIHOOD of harm happening

Perceptions affect taking preventive ACTION. (new information alters perceptions)
3.- Perceived BENEFIT of action
4.- Perceived BARRIER to action

Perceptions affect SUCCESS. (more information alters perceptions)
5.- CONFIDENCE in ability to change outcomes gives beliefs Nix6 Eat3
6.- CUES remind people to act, and coaches help sustain actions.

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revised January, 2016